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Employees are the core of any company. Companies rely on their employees to develop and achieve their goals. However, human relations are complex and the employer- employee relationship often poses challenges. Each Country has its own set of laws, regulations and cultural values that govern employee relations. In Tanzania, Extent Corporate Advisory (ECA) lawyers have spent a considerable amount of time working with local companies and international conglomerates to create a harmonious workplace where people want to work.

We can help companies navigate the minefield of central and local regulations and we advise both local and international owned companies on their rights and duties as employees. With experience advising on employees hiring and termination, cheating complete benefit packages for a Company’s workforce, responding to inquiries from relevant governmental organisations and creating a company’s dispute resolution process.

Over the years, we have rendered legal opinions and provided legal advice to our diverse client base including world- wide companies and domestic clients with respect to preparing Employment Agreements and solving labour disputes on behalf of both employees and employees.

Examples of the Firm’s Work in Employment and Labour Law.

  • Represented foreign employees and domestic companies in Tanzania
  • Drafted numerous Employment Contracts for prominent international mining companies like East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP)
  • Provided Legal advice to world-wide civil engineering and construction company about its internal labour issues.
  • Advise the largest electronics companies concerning termination of a high-level employee in compliance with the employees employment agreement
  • Represented an American company in arbitration arising out of an employee’s wrong termination.
  • Represented and ex-patriot employee’s claim for wrong termination against a USA Company
  • Handled numerous labour arbitration cases in Tanzania Mainland.


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