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Extent Corporate Advisory is a national practice firm providing high quality specialist and customized legal practice services in dispute resolution. Our Lawyers are experts in the conduct of complex and high value litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters. We are committed to resolving disputes as efficiently as possible and are focused at offering solutions that are practical and make commercial sense. We advise on a wide range of contentious matters, including shareholder disputes, contractual claims, insolvency, real estate, environment, employment, intellectual property, fraud, and regulatory compliance.

The resolution of specialist industry disputes whether in Technology, Intellectual Property, Media, Energy or Financial Services often require specialist knowledge and a range of skills which we achieve through our business knowledge and diverse experience in litigation and arbitration. We are ultimately able to represent our clients in any court or tribunal.

We are renowned for our commitment to excellence and for our ability to find innovative solutions to the most complex, multi-national and at times first of their kind legal problems. We have a diverse client base that includes leading international regional and local corporations, financial institutions and individual east African governments.

Our litigation practice area is organized into specialist teams, enabling it to respond rapidly and efficiently to whatever questions that may be presented by its clients, whatever the nature and complexity of the matter.


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