Brand Protection

Fake and diverted goods not only endanger brand revenue and consumer trust, but can also put consumers’ health and safety at risk. 

Registering your brand gives you a unique identity globally and a challenge that most brand owners face is third parties infringement and counterfeiting upon their brands. At ECA, our trusted team of experts will help to not only monitor infringing third parties upon your brand but implement actions to protect your brand.

Our firm provides the following services:

  • Tracking trademark infringement online and removing offers for fake products.
  • Tracking pirated content online and removing infringing content.
  • Conducting offline investigations.
  • Supporting legal research and drafting.
  • Filing of criminal complaints.
  • IP related criminal and civil litigation legal support.
  • Full support for customs cases (ex-officio). 
  • Criminal , administrative and/or civil procedures, including cost recovery.
  • Organizing and coordination of multiple raid/sweep actions. 
  • Representing brand owners at training for authorities.
  • Local, regional cross-border and international lobbying and alliance building.
  • Intellectual property crime investigation (infringements and counterfeits).
  • Monitoring of your trademarks/brands and possible offering of counterfeit at markets, shops, retailers and wholesale (market survey).
  • Online and retail test purchases.
  • Cross-border and in-country undercover operations.