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We are a modern law firm which delivers exceptional legal services.

Extent Corporate Advisory- A Modern Law Firm

About ECA

Extent Corporate Advisory is a modern law firm which delivers exceptional legal services. We seek solutions that embrace the unique needs of each individual or business; we make it a priority to understand our clients’ needs and offer exceptional value, responsive service, result-oriented solutions and insights on Intellectual Property Law and Corporate Law.

With over half a decade in the legal profession, our professional team combines our strengths and offers a full range of capabilities to help expand opportunities for our clients as well as get efficient results. 

Our Values

We are guided by these values in our service delivery as a mark of our commitment to excellence:

Seeking to achieve the highest quality standards in conduct, aims, and qualities that characterize our outputs and the process of service delivery.

Management shall seek to focus on the commercial purposes of the business to ensure that both the firm and its clients do not make losses in its execution and delivery by consistently delivering to the expected standards.

Focusing on defining the entire firm’s team and each individual’s task and/or goals on the project/work at hand.

Listening to Clients and working towards meeting their needs.

Finding innovative solutions with available resources to meet our Clients’ needs.

Actively participating in activities that are of benefit to the firm’s employees and the society.

The firm applies precautionary principles that seek to minimize the environmental impact on its activities and promote environmental accountability.

The Firm strongly prohibits the giving and taking of any bribes, kickbacks, or other improper payments to or from government officials, civil servants, or anyone else in order to influence them. The fact that bribery may be an accepted local practice in a country does not relieve the Firm from the duty to comply with this policy. An employee offered a bribe must reject it and report the circumstances immediately to the management.


Explore our practice areas that suit your needs. Our experienced lawyers at Extent Corporate Advisory law firm has successfully helped dozens of major corporations and businesses in many countries.

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Our Clients


“I am incredibly grateful to Extent Corporate Advisory for their invaluable assistance in registering Sheria Kiganjani’s trademarks. Their expertise, prompt communication and unwavering commitment made the entire journey seamless. Thank you for your outstanding work. Extent Corporate Advisory exceeded our expectations and I recommend their services to anyone seeking trademark registration.”

Chrisostom Bwemo

COO Sheria Kiganjani

“Extent Corporate Advisory’s exceptional support and expertise in the intellectual property registration of my business was truly outstanding. Thanks to their professionalism, guidance and dedication, the creative works and innovations of my business have been registered and safeguarded. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to protect their intellectual assets smoothly and successfully.”

Mussa Kisena

CEO Bluefin Solutions (T) Ltd

“I am extremely thankful for the expertise and dedication of Extent Corporate Advisory in helping me safeguard my intellectual property. Their expertise and unwavering commitment resulted in the successful registration and protection of my intellectual property. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to navigate the world of intellectual property.Thank you for your invaluable assistance ECA!”

Anonymous Individual

“I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding brand protection services provided by Extent Corporate Advisory. Their proactive approach through monitoring and taking action against infringing third parties have been instrumental in safeguarding our brand’s reputation and integrity. Thank you Extent Corporate Advisory for your exceptional support! I highly recommend their services to any business seeking to protect their brand.”

Anonymous Company